• Why is it changing?
    • Increased cyber security, decreased usage combined with the opportunity for long-term cost efficiencies resulted in the decision to discontinue the lifetime alumni email service at UNL. The change also follows the trend of other national universities discontinuing alumni email, including the University of Illinois, UC Davis and University of Florida.
  • When will my @huskers.unl.edu alumni email end?
    • Access to your @huskers.unl.edu email will end on July 1, 2024. Once your account closes, you will no longer be able to access your @huskers.unl.edu email account, old emails will be permanently deleted and emails sent to your @huskers.unl.edu addresses will no longer be delivered. Attempts to send email to your @huskers.unl.edu address after July 1, 2024, will bounce back to the sender as “undeliverable.”
    • If you will be within your two semesters following your last enrolled class on July 1st 2024 your email and other ITS services will end at the same time 2 semester after your last enrolled class or graduation. (Summer session does not count for students who have graduated)
      Non Graduate Last Class Semester Email and Other IT Services End                Graduation Semester Email and Other IT Services End
      Fall 2023 End of Fall Semester 2024   Fall 2023 End of Summer Term 2024
      Spring 2024 End of Spring Semester 2025   Spring 2024 End of Fall Semester 2024
      Summer 2024 End of Fall Semester 2025   Summer 2024 End of Spring Semester 2025
      Fall 2024 End of Fall Semester 2025   Fall 2024 End of Summer Term 2025 
      Spring 2025 End of Spring Semester 2026   Spring 2025 End of Fall Semester 2025
  • As an active Faculty/Staff and Alumni, will I lose my @huskers.unl.edu alias?
    • As of today, No. However, ITS is evaluating our current processes to ensure @huskers.unl.edu aliases are only assigned to active students and past students within the 2 semester window.
  • Can I extend or procure a license after the 2 semester window?
    • No. You must have a valid role as either an employee or student with the University in order to maintain access to IT services.
  • Am I eligible for a refund from the Alumni Association if I only use email?
    • Nebraska Alumni Association memberships are non-refundable. If a member wishes to cancel their membership without a refund, they may do so by contacting the Nebraska Alumni Association at membership@huskeralum.org or 1-888-353-1874.
  • Is NU ITS able to help me setup a new personal email address?
    • No. While ITS is unable to recommend a replacement email service if one is needed, there are many free or low cost email services such as those offered by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo as well as many many others.
  • Am I able to auto-forward my email to a personal email account?
    • No. Per Em-16, The University of Nebraska System no longer allows for external forwarding.
  • How to Prepare?
    • To minimize the inconvenience of this email service change, UNL is providing advance notice to all impacted groups.  

      If you are not currently using your @huskers.unl.edu account and don’t need to save any of your account data, you do not need to take any action. 

    • Step 1: Switch to an alternative email account
      If you use @huskers.unl.edu email as your primary email account, open a new account or switch to another email

    • Step 2: Transfer your email and files
      Back up your account and move important emails from your @huskers.unl.edu account to your new email account.

    • Step 3: Update all non-UNL services that may have your school email account
      Ensure any non-UNL service has been updated to have your personal email account set as primary notification/log in. This would include services such as banking, social media and the Nebraska Football ticket office as examples.

    • Step 4: We want to stay in touch!  Update your contact information
      We encourage you to update your contact information with the UNL Alumni and NU Foundation. This will keep you informed about UNL events programs. Visit huskersalum.org for more information. For your academic records, you can keep your personal information current with the Office of the Registrar

  • How do I update my email contact to recover my future access at UNL?

    • On your student dashboard in MyRED
    • Select Profile
    • Select the edit icon on the top left of the email addresses block
    • Select edit on personal: (and/or work:)
    • Enter a new address and save email