Qualtrics FAQs

How can I access to Qualtrics? 

  • You can access to Qualtrics by going to Login, then sign in using "my organization's single sign-on (SSO)". If you don't have an account, an account will be created for you after you accept their user agreement. Then you can access via that same URL and SSO thereafter. 


Is there a limit to the number of surveys and responses? 

  • Yes, we have two user types: Core XM and Design XM. Core XM is the default user type for UNL student and staff - unlimited survey and 1000 responses. Design XM is the temporary user type, user request on demand - unlimited survey and responses. 

More information here User Types and Permissions


How do I view and download survey responses in Qualtrics?

  • To view and download survey responses in Qualtrics, go to the "Data & Analysis" tab and select "Data & Analysis Dashboard." From there, you can view response rates, create custom reports, and export data in various formats such as CSV, TSV, XML, SPSS, Google Drive, etc. 


Can I send reminders to survey respondents who have not yet completed my survey?

  • Yes, you can send reminders to survey respondents in Qualtrics to encourage them to complete your survey. Simply go to the "Distributions" tab and select "Reminders" to send a reminder email to those who have not yet responded. 


How do I create a survey that is accessible to all users?

  • To create an accessible survey in Qualtrics, consider using clear and concise language, providing alternative text for images and multimedia content, and using a layout that is easy to navigate. You can also use accessibility tools such as screen readers to test your survey's accessibility.


How do I share my survey with collaborators? 

  • To share your survey with other people in Qualtrics, go to the "Collaborate" tab and select "Share Project". From there, you can add collaborators and assign them roles and permissions. 


For more information, please visit Qualtrics Support

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