Automated Call Distribution (ACD) is a system that can recognize, answer and distribute incoming calls. When the ACD system receives an incoming call it will look for specific instructions as to how the call is to be handled. The ACD can route the call to an agent or operator, a recorded message (or Interactive Voice Response – IVR – system), or place it on hold until a live person can answer it. ACD can be set up to route calls based on many factors, including  recognizing the number dialed, agent availability and expertise and time of day, just to name a few possibilities. The ACD system that the University has deployed is highly customizable and able to fit nicely in virtually any situation small or large.


  • Call Prioritization
  • Detailed Call Reports
  • Call Recording
  • Music on Hold
  • Allows Agent to answer Multiple Lines
  • Off Site Capabilities
  • Call Monitoring by Supervisor
  • Agent to Agent Instant Messaging
  • Custom Hold Messages
  • Advanced Call Routing Options

ACD Online Resources


Agent Module Installer (Windows Only)/strong>

Agent Module User Guides

Historical Reports User Guides