IoT devices such as gaming consoles, printers, and wireless streaming hardware can receive internet access by completing the IoT Registration process.


  1. While on a campus network, open the IoT Registration portal in your default browser.
  2. On the IoT Registration portal, use your Campus Identity to authenticate. Your username must include the campus domain. Example: (,,
  3. In the IoT Registration portal you will be able to add or manage existing IoT devices. Each device will receive a unique password to authenticate on the NU-IoT wireless SSID

Create Devices

In the IoT Registration portal, complete the Create Device form, providing the MAC address for your IoT device and a unique device name to help you identify the device. A copy of your IoT credentials will be sent to you by email, text, or both. If you choose Text Message or Both, you will need to provide your mobile phone number and select your Mobile Carrier.


AirGroup enables personal devices like printers or streaming hardware to connect with a computer or mobile device that you have connected to eduroam with your Campus Identity. Enable AirGroup and choose whether this IoT device is for personal or shared use. If the IoT device is shared, you will need to provide the Campus Identity without the domain address for other users in your location. Example: jdoe is acceptable, but not

Manage Devices

In the IoT Registration portal, you can manage existing devices that you have registered. You can remove, edit, print, or view each registered device's details, including the option to modify an AirGroup configuration.

What is a MAC address?

A MAC address is a unique identifier assigned to every network capable computer, mobile device, and IoT device. A MAC address consists of twelve hexadecimal characters in six groupings of two characters separated by a hyphen or colon. i.e a1:5c:e3:d2:34:d6. Computers, phones and mobile devices may have more than one network adapter, one for wired and wireless network access.

Find the MAC address for a common device.

Don’t know your Campus Identity?

Use your smartphone or another computer with internet access and visit to manage your identity.


If your device cannot connect to wireless in campus housing after following these instructions, create a ResNet Support Request or call the campus Help Desk.

  • Kearney - 308-865-8363
  • Lincoln - 402-472-3535
  • Omaha - 402-554-4357

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