Supported Email Clients

Beginning in 2022, only email clients that support modern authentication will work with our MS365 service. These clients are indicated with a “Y” in the table below.

The BEST options are to use the Outlook client or the Outlook Web Application (OWA) through a web browser.

How to use the information in the table below:

  • Find the platform you use to access your email in the top row.
  • Read down that column to find the options with a “Yes”.
  • Find the name of the email client in the left column.
  • Only use those options

Example: Suppose you own an iPhone. iPhones run iOS so you could use the iOS Outlook client, the OWA web client, or the Mac Mail client to access your NU MS365 email from your iPhone.

  Windows macOS iOS Android Linux
Outlook App*** Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Outlook Web App
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mac Mail App No Yes Yes* No No
Windows Mail App Yes No No No No
Gmail No No No Yes** No


This change is being made because your cyber security is important to us, MS365 modern authentication protects your account from hackers. Additionally, Microsoft has indicated that this will be the only authentication method for MS365 in the near future.

*For iOS native mail client: It is critical that you select "Sign In" instead of "Configure Manually" so you can receive the MFA prompt and use Modern Authentication. Alternatively, you can download the Outlook app from the App Store and start getting mail that way.

**Gmail app on Android Version > 8.0

***Supported versions of the Outlook Desktop Application are Outlook 2016 (Windows Only), Outlook 2019 (Mac and Windows) and Outlook 365 (Mac and Windows)

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