Cloud Hosting Services Server and Storage Management

NU ITS is able to offer a large variety of cloud hosting services from Microsoft and Amazon cloud platforms. (Azure and AWS)

Benefits & Features

Cloud Hosting offers a number of benefits over on-premise hosting solutions but it is not the right fit for every use case.  Some of the main advantages of cloud hosting over on-premise hosting are low up-front cost, high flexibility to change, and on-demand scalability.

Getting Started

There are a large number of services available from both of the supported cloud platforms.  Use the top two links to the right to get an idea of everything offered from both providers by clicking the products tab on each page.  The rest of the links represent the most common use cases and will give you a bit more information about them, as well as the ability to submit a ticket where we'll help you choose the right platform for your solution.  Choose the custom request link if you're looking to accomplish something outside of the common use cases.