Cloud New Account Server and Storage Management

NU ITS will set up a cloud account for you on either vendor and assist with management of the account.

Benefits & Features

The benefits of having your own cloud account are unrestricted access to whatever services you'd like to deploy.  Useful for groups that would like a sandbox type environment to deploy their own resources or learn how to manage their own cloud environments.  On AWS we also have the option to tie your environment back to campus for a hybrid setup, but there is an associated cost to the resources deployed to tie back to campus.


Users of their own cloud accounts must be ready to troubleshoot their own resource deployments and manage the cost of those resources so that they don't get out of control.  This service is not recommended for non-technical users.  Day to day management of the account will rely on the admin users of the account.  NU ITS will retain admin access to the account so that we can decommission it if needed or assist with problems the admins cannot solve. 


All costs associated with the account will be tied to a Cost Center Object and will be on the users of the account to manage.


We will need NU IDs for admin users of the account as well as NU IDs for any non-admin contributors.  We will also need a Cost Center Object that we will tie to the account for any of the costs incurred on the account.

To get started send over a ticket to the ITS helpdesk and we'll help you choose the best platform for your needs.


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