VPN Client Installation Guide

Installing the GlobalProtect VPN Client

Windows Quick Start Guide

Mac Quick Start Guide

Linux Quick Start Guide

The guides above provide greater detail, but in general, here is the information for connecting.  Please refer to the guides for more specific details.

  1. Browse to https://nu-vpn.nebraska.edu
  2. Fill in your TrueYou Credentials (8-digit NUID and password).
    1. If your credentials don't work, please reset your password via TrueYou.
    2. A page will load giving you the option to download the VPN software by clicking on “GlobalProtect Agent” at the top-right of the screen.
    3. From that link, choose the version of software needed for your device and install the client.
    4. After install, open the GlobalProtect App from where it was installed.
    5. Enter the portal address of nu-vpn.nebraska.edu
    6. Click the connect button (Please note that in some cases we have found that setting your default browser to Chrome helps with initial login issues)
    7. When prompted, sign in with your NUID and password (You should then be prompted for DUO 2-factor by whatever method you have chosen). 
    8. Once connected, you should see the GlobalProtect icon in the Taskbar with a small shield icon indicating the connection. 
    9. To view your VPN settings, click the icon in the Taskbar, and then find the settings menu by clicking on the three horizontal lines in the upper right.  From there, you can view tabs that show your connection details.