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Zoom is a cloud-based, web collaboration service that connects multiple conference rooms and remote users for online classes, meetings and group projects.

Benefits & Features

Zoom features high quality video, audio, and group chat from both mobile and desktop apps. A basic Zoom meeting room now accommodates up to 300 attendees. Larger meetings and webinars with special features are available upon request.

Getting Started

Visit and login with TrueYou credentials.

Training videos and documents:


Students, faculty, and staff are eligible for this service.


There is no charge for this service, which is considered a common-good service. 


To update and streamline the Webinar & Large Meeting request process at UNL, we now offer an automated web-based request form

To create a webinar, you must have a webinar license attached to your UNL Zoom account.

To request access to the license, use the link below.

Once you have requested and received a license, you may create, edit or host a webinar.

Once a webinar has been created, you will be able to view or modify it only when a license is attached to your account.

To request access to a webinar or large room license, visit

When your request is submitted, the system will verify that a license is available for the time requested and will schedule the license for the time of the event and the time requested for you to set up the event. The system will automatically grant you access to the webinar or large meeting license at those times.

If you need access to webinars between your set-up time and the time of the event, another request may be made for that.

If you have any questions about this process, please visit and email us any time.

Additional Information

Recording Retention Policy

Recordings are stored for one semester following the semester in which they were recorded. They will be deleted automatically at the end of that period. Users will have 30 days to restore those recordings and download them for storage elsewhere, such as OneDrive or YuJa. You can find information about downloading Zoom recordings here: How to download and delete Zoom videos.

The next Zoom deletion will begin on February 9, 2023, and will delete all recordings stored on the Zoom cloud made before August 5, 2022. Users will be notified and will have 30 days to retrieve deleted videos and save them to an alternate location.

Securing Your Zoom Meetings

Use these practices to avoid disruptions in your meetings:

Zoom Live Transcripts (Live Captions)

A new Zoom tool is now available: Live Automatic Transcriptions. This feature is available for all users on the regular UNL zoom account. Note: this feature is not available on HIPAA-compliant Zoom accounts for security reasons. To meet the accuracy requirements for HIPAA accounts, you will need to use a live human captioner or VidGrid Professional Captioning. Following these steps will activate the feature for all future meetings or webinars created in your account.

  1. Log into UNL's Zoom website with your TrueYou credentials:
  2. Click Settings from the left side menu
  3. Click In Meeting (Advanced) or scroll down to that section
  4. Turn on Closed captioning
  5. Check the box for Enable live transcription service to show transcript on the side panel in-meeting
  6. Click Save to confirm the settings

Starting the Live Automatic Transcriptions during a meeting or webinar (only available to the host):

  1. Click the Live Transcript button from the Zoom control bar
  2. Select Enable Auto-Transcription
  3. The meeting host will immediately see the transcripts at the bottom of the Zoom meeting video
  4. A new set of options will be available for host and attendees by clicking the small arrow on the Live Transcription button to select how they wish to view the transcriptions/subtitles. These settings are:
    1. Show Subtitle: the transcript will appear as video subtitles at the bottom of the video frame.
    2. View Full Transcript: the transcript will appear in a side panel Transcript window, and the full transcript to that point may be saved by clicking Save Transcript. Host and attendees can also search the transcript by entering text into the Search transcript field at the top of the window.
    3. Subtitle Settings: Participants can change the appearance of the subtitles