UNL Gitlab Auxiliary Systems

UNL Gitlab is a collaborative end-to-end software development platform. Intended to provide a convenient place to collaborate on software development projects at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, the service provides built-in version control, issue tracking, code review and more.


This service is available for UNL staff, faculty, students and associates with a valid UNL login.


The service is provided by Information Technology Services free of charge, and managed by the UNL Application Development and Support team.


UNL Gitlab users are expected to adhere to "Guidelines for Use of Computing Resources at UNL", including "Executive Memorandum No. 16". Users of the server and code repositories on the system are subject to review for compliance with these policies.

Additional Information

UNL Gitlab is regularly updated with security patches and feature releases from Gitlab Community Edition. Maintenance windows are posted via alert banners within the web application.