Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) - Duo Identity and Access Management

Two-Factor Authentication, provided by Duo, integrates your phone into the login process, resulting in two types of authentication to verify your identity: 

  • Something you know – your username and password
  • Something you have – your mobile device

Benefits & Features

Why is this needed?

  • Cyberattacks targeting our faculty, staff, and students are an ongoing threat and we've had a significant number of victims within our university community.
  • In 2018, 81% of cyberattacks were executed by taking advantage of weak or stolen passwords.
  • Two-Factor Authentication is the best way to mitigate attacks on weak or stolen passwords.

I’ve registered! Now what? 

  • Try to log into a University system, like Canvas. Type in your username and password and click Log In. An authentication screen will appear to provide more options.
  • If you don’t receive an authentication notification, check the notification settings on your phone or restart the DUO Mobile app on your smartphone.  

Registration Tips

  • Register your Android or iPhone via the Duo app for the most flexible notification options, including push notifications, text messages, phone calls or to generate one-time passcodes. 
  • Register the phone that you normally have with you at work, when traveling or at home. This will be your primary phone that will receive authentication notifications. 
  • You will need your phone and computer to register. 
  • It’s a good idea to register another phone in case your primary phone is unavailable.

Getting Started

Register a phone number with Two-Factor Authentication. When you attempt to access University systems that utilize this technology it requires a you to confirm your identity by using the Duo application on your registered smartphone, via a text message, or by answering a phone call to your registered phone number. 

How to Register

1.    Go to and click Login to sign into your TrueYou 
2.    Select Enroll in Two-Factor
3.    Follow the guide to set up your Two-Factor Authentication 


Free for use as a University faculty, staff, or student



  • Smartphone
  • Duo app installed on your phone