HuskerTECH Help Center Repairs and Rates

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Prices subject to change without notice.

HuskerTECH Help Center Service Rates

Hourly Labor $90.00 per hour For a system that is not under AppleCare, the $90 per hour fee will be billed by the quarter hour. If the computer is covered by AppleCare and the issue is warranty related, this fee does not apply.
Liquid Spill $140.00 All repairs for liquid spills will be assessed an additional $140 charge. This will include a data backup, if possible.
Rush Charge $140.00 An additional $140 charge will be assessed for rush service. This charge is incurred when a customer wants to have their diagnosis or repair started as soon as the next technician is available. Non-rushed systems are repaired on a first in basis.


Typical Charges for Common Issues

Diagnostics $45.00 Diagnose specific issues or perform general diagnostics. Applies to all out-of-warranty computers, and any computer affected by accidental damage.
System Cleanup $100.00 Some viruses, worms, trojans, or spyware may not be removable and will instead require a data backup and full reinstall of the operating system (see Basic Operating System Installation). Fee will be waived on the first system cleanup per calendar year for current students.
Basic Operating System Installation $100.00 Basic OS installation, including OS software updates and installation of antivirus. Does not include data backup or standalone applications. Customer must provide original Windows install media. Apple installation discs are not typically needed. Base install fee does not cover Linux and may not include changing Windows versions.
Boot Camp, VMWare Fusion, or Parallels Desktop Installation $100.00 Windows OS installation onto an Apple computer. Does not include cost of Windows, Fusion, or Parallels license. A valid Windows software license and installation CD must be provided by the customer.


Apple Flat-Rate Repair

Flat-rate charge for out-of-warranty repair on Apple portables. Spilled, cracked displays, or other accidental damage are not eligible for this repair service.

MacBook Air & MacBook Pro 13 inch $659.00 Includes parts and labor.
MacBook Pro 15 inch $769.00 Includes parts and labor.


Dell Repair

Dell Warranty Free Includes parts and labor.


Data Backup

Data backup or recovery, temporary storage and transfer of files.

Standard $100.00 Backup of system and/or hard drive removal needed.


Microsoft Office Installation

Standard $15.00 For Microsoft Office purchased from the Huskertech Store.


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