Degree Audit (UAchieve) Student Information Systems

Degree Audit uses a student's UNL coursework, transfer coursework, and courses in progress in order to determine a student's progress toward degree completion. Degree Audit is accessed through MyRED. 

Benefits & Features

My Degree Audit is able to measure a student's progress in meeting college/degree/major/minor requirements by itemizing the individual components and breaking down each area into sub-groups or sub-requirements. Each sub-group is independent and must be satisfactorily completed. 

College faculty, advisers and Graduation Services staff use the degree audit for advising and graduation clearance. Course links within the degree audit provide students with current course descriptions. Also, students and advisers can run  "what-if" degree audits to explore other degrees.


The automated Degree Audit System is intended for undergraduate students in UNL based programs. Students enrolled in Graduate Studies, Dentistry, Law, or Nursing cannot use this system. Students in these programs should contact their advisers with questions concerning specific degree requirements. 


There is no charge for this service, which is considered a common-good service.