Salesforce FAQs

What is CRM?

CRM traditionally stands for “Customer Relationship Management”, and in higher education the “C” stands for “constituent”, as our students are more than customers or clients, but an essential part of our community.

CRM is both a process and a platform for managing all our interactions with our constituents, and the data regarding those interactions.

The primary constituents in UNL’s CRM are students. From prospective students learning about what UNL has to offer at a high school visit or college fair, to an admitted student finalizing their enrollment, CRM allows us to offer timely and informative information to our constituents about their membership in the UNL community. In this new implementation UNL will expand these tools to support student success and retention.


How is this different than what we were using before? Why Salesforce?

While our previous CRM (Talisma) was integral to our success in recruitment, the system left out a large piece of the puzzle—serving our constituents throughout their lifecycle as a student and beyond.

Through the implementation of our new CRM with Salesforce, we can continue to engage students, retain them, and ensure their ongoing success as they move through their college experience.


Who will use Salesforce?

CRM has been a powerhouse for the Office of Admissions and Academic Services and Enrollment Management, ensuring that students who enter our recruitment pipeline get the information they need to become a Husker.

See the benefits of using Salesforce for recruitment.

By adding retention to CRM, our faculty and advising staff especially will be trained on the new tools, and as a result will able to serve their students in a more effective and efficient manner.

See the benefits of using Salesforce for retention.


Why should I use Salesforce?

While email and spreadsheets are great tools, Salesforce creates a better and more transparent experience for both our students and our users.

Salesforce helps track each conversation and shows you exactly where a student is in their journey—either as a future Husker or as a current student working toward their degree. By using CRM, we can eliminate searching through emails or fiddling with spreadsheets, all the information we need to serve students will be a few clicks away.


What is the relationship between Salesforce and NU System data security standards?

CRM is fully integrated with other NU systems, including Single Sign On for security. ITS is a full partner in insuring data security standards are continually met by the vendor and associated processes.

Salesforce as a product also uses a variety of methods to ensure our data is safe, secure, and available to all registered users in the organization. You can find additional information about data privacy and security with Salesforce and their full Privacy Statement.

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