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Course attributes allow students and their parents/guardians to see which NU courses use free or reduced-cost course materials at the time of registration so as to make well-informed choices. Course marking has the strong support of UNK, UNL and UNO Student Governments and Faculty Senates.

Open Nebraska Courses & Programs at the University of Nebraska

No Cost Materials: Course materials are included at no additional cost to the student. No book purchase is required.

Low Cost Materials: Course materials for this course cost students less than $40.

Reduced Cost Materials: Course materials for this course cost students more than $40, but less than the original retail price.

Instructors or departments who want to have OER materials added to Open Nebraska
can use this Go URL: to submit a request to the Registrar’s Office.

Benefits & Features

The cost of traditional textbooks has increased 88% in the last decade, so much so that 67% of students no longer can afford to buy required textbooks for their courses. As the COVID- 19 pandemic arrived in 2020, the University of Nebraska aimed to increase student affordability by supporting faculty in adopting free or reduced-cost course materials in their courses.

Collaborative efforts for utilizing Open Educational Resources (OER) and Inclusive First Day Access Course Material programs have saved NU students over $10M as of Summer 2022 exceeding our goal to save NU students $10M by 2023.

Additional Information

Reach out to Brad Severa for Open Nebraska support.